Welcome to the official website of the company “LA VISTA” Ltd. Berane, Montenegro. We produce and sell men’s, women’s and children’s shirts in the domestic and international markets.

“LA VISTA” Ltd. Berane is a company that manufactures shirts. We offer our customers modern and high quality men’s, women’s and children’s shirts, as a contribution in order to satisfy the consumers.

The purpose of existence, operation and development of “LA VISTA” Ltd. Berane is meeting the needs of potential customers.

The working process is organized in a factory whose size is 3,000 m2 with adequate infrastructure. With modern organization, competent management, high expertise and professionalism of all employees, we are able to supply our customers with modern and high-quality shirts.

VISION of our company is that permanent, constant investment, development and modernization of existing production capacity through professional development and training of workers and engineering staff, shall enable us to become a trademark for quality products that we do in Europe. That way, we shall be able to offer extremely high quality product to our customers that will satisfy the and thus we will improve the overall business of the company.

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The main goal of which “LA VISTA” Ltd. Berane aspires is fully satisfying customers. This is the basic goal and from it derive all the others.

In a new development policy emphasis will be placed on market development, specifically development of wholesale products, expanding the network of retail stores in all major cities of former Yugoslavia, service production in a certain percentage (LOHN).

“LA VISTA” Ltd. Berane was founded in early 2002. The company has 100 employees. Quality of its products has fulfilled the aesthetic and functional requirements of customers across Europe. For its quality production the company has won numerous awards, and in the year 2007, the award of Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro as well.

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